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Healthy lifestyle|| Healthy Living || Healthy Lifestyle choices|| Heart Healthy Lifestyle|| Bad Health Habits

 Healthy lifestyle|| Healthy Living || Healthy Lifestyle choices|| Heart Healthy Lifestyle|| Bad Health Habits

Our Favorite Healthy Practices for 2021

What good things have you done for yourself in 2021?

This year at Well, we have outlined a few small practices that can make life a little better. It is not too late to try, and select a few that you would like to continue. Here are eight of our favorites.

Give yourself the best hours of your day for you. At what time of day do you feel better? For some people, we may feel very strong during the first few hours in the morning. For night owls, evening may be our best time of day. Now ask yourself, 'Who gets those hours?' Do you spend your best hours looking for emails, finding work or doing chores for your family? Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. Use it to focus on your priorities, not on someone else. You can spend that hour or two on whatever you want - be it hobbies, a project you feel passionate about, time with your kids or even volunteering to help others. Setting aside your best hours to focus on personal goals and values ​​is a last resort.

Enjoy a light workout diet. Most of the time we think of exercise as a legitimate activity that we should do for an hour at the gym each day. But many studies show that short breaks of exercise a few times a day lead to a reasonable gain in fitness and overall health. Just as you can grab a handful of chips or nuts to break the monotony of your day, the “nausea” is a fast-paced exercise break. Get up and speed up the call. Do jumping jacks, lungs, sit on a wall or walk up stairs for 20 seconds. My snack for going to run 10 push-ups.

Healthy Living

Take a photo of gratitude. If a gratitude journal is not your thing, make a plan to take one photo a day of something special in your life. It could be a beautiful photo of your dog, a sunset or a delicious meal. Take a moment to read the picture, share your feelings of gratitude, and share it with a friend or post it on social media. When we try to see the world around us or show appreciation for people, places, or things that we enjoy, it is called “taste.” Scientists know that happy exercise can lead to a purposeful, satisfying life.

Publish a list of “feelings”. Every day when brushing your teeth or making coffee, ask yourself: 'How are you? Think of a word that describes how you feel. Are you unstable? Are you strong? Am I happy? Frazzled? (Avoid sweeping assertions, such as “good,” “good,” or “OK.”) This simple labeling technique works wonders in reducing stress and getting rid of negative thoughts. Research shows that when we record our emotions, it helps to shut down the emotional alarm system in our brain and to reduce our stress response. Click on the link for a list of words, from the Hoffman Institute, to describe how you feel and to put it in your refrigerator or bathroom. Ask your children to choose a word from the list every day. It can be a wonderful family experience.

Meditate with five fingers. This is an easy way to calm down, no matter where you are. Use the index finger of one hand to trace the frame of the opposite hand. As you trace your finger, take a deep breath. As you follow down, take a deep breath. Keep fingering until you follow with your whole hand. Now undo the directions and do it again, making sure you inhale the air as you follow up, and take it out as you follow down. (Click on the link for a simple animation showing how it is done.) I have used this method on airplanes, before I got my Covid vaccine shots and during stressful meetings, and it works all the time.

Bad Health Habits

Simplify: In scientific research of habits, the thing that makes it difficult for you to achieve your goal is called conflict, which usually comes in three forms - distance, time and effort. Conflict habits you will keep are simple, that happen close to home and do not take much time or effort. For example, one of my goals this year was to cook more and stop ordering take out or buying expensive groceries. I hated going to the store, and I found it hard to cook for one person. Then I read a Wirecutter article about the best food delivery kit services and realized that I could make home cooking much easier for me. I started using the Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon food kits, and it was like having my own cook. By eliminating the conflict, cooking is now fun, easy and fun.

Look at the jellyfish.


 One of the best thinking tips I got this year came from Cord Jefferson, a television writer who thanked his therapist on national television while winning an Emmy Award. Mr. Jefferson told me he had a problem with traditional meditation, but he enjoyed watching the feed on a web camera showing a jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Place a jelly-cam bookmark on your phone or mobile computer browser and get lost due to jellyfish blows with a short break of thought during your working day.

Find a health friend. Choose a friend who shares your life goals and makes a plan. Gather once or twice a week for a walking date. Or it could be checking the daily text to see how you're doing in the diet, or a Zoom call to work together on a demolition project. Research shows that we are more likely to reach our goals when we go with a friend on a trip.

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