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Healthy Food||Healthy Snacks||Healthy Breakfast

 Healthy Food||Healthy Snacks||Healthy Breakfast

Avoid eating out and choose these healthy options for a busy work day

Busy working days don’t really allow anyone to think about anything else. At times, you get so caught up in the rush of life that you forget your diet and nutrition. On days when you can save a lot of time eating, the least you can do is eat the right kind of food at any given time. In an Instagram post, health nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared some ideas on food choices to choose from while working out or having fun on the go. He wrote in the caption, "A little planning goes a long way. The best way to get the most out of a busy day is to make sure you are strengthening your body thoughtfully and carefully."

In the video, Pooja shared what he had with him whenever he was traveling. You have suggested carrying the following items for a full day:

1) Curd Rice

Pooja said curd rice is his favorite healthy food. You can take it with you and eat it during lunch while you work. If possible, you can make it, instead you can have a box full of veg pulao mixed, fried egg yolks, nutritious moong pulao, chichadi (Semi-dry), frankie, or edible rotis, Pooja added.

2) Pho

This is another great food option to choose from while you are busy at work. You can eat poha as a meal or treat it as a two-hour supplement. If you do not have it stored at home yet, you can buy an upma, veg daliya or quinoa salad.

3)Egg sandwich

Healthy sandwiches are a good morning decision and Pooja repeated that in the video. He shared that he was carrying egg sandwiches while on the road. But if you don't like eggs, don't worry! You can prepare great vegetable sandwiches, simple peanut butter sandwiches or a last vegetable bread.

4) Peanuts

For fillers, you can treat nutritious and nutritious nuts. You can treat nuts like munches as they can also make amazing healthy snacks.

5) Fruits

You can bear fruit as it has many health benefits and fills up quickly. Fruits can also help curb bad desires.

Here is a video of Pooja Makhija:

The next time you prepare for a busy work day, don't forget to bring these food items with you.

Disclaimer: This content includes advice that provides general information only. It is by no means a place for medical opinion. Always consult your specialist or doctor for more information. NDTV does not require liability for this information.

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